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A criminal record can make life incredibly difficult. The long term consequences of a criminal charge can be life-changing and can ultimately rewrite your future. You might experience difficulties trying to achieve your goals, such as getting a job, holding a professional license, or securing an apartment. These problems can be overcome by having your California criminal record expunged.

Our Roseville criminal defense attorney has helped eligible individuals file a petition to have convictions dismissed from their criminal records, following the successful completion of their sentences. With the help of our experience Roseville lawyer, your future and freedom can be defended.

Don't let your past mistakes control your future. Get a fresh and protect your future by scheduling a case review with a Roseville defense lawyer!

The Expungement Process

Expungement is designed to allow individuals to move past certain barriers that come into effect when a criminal record exists. In many states, expungement is a legal process whereby certain criminal offenses can be erased from your record. However, in California, the process does not erase the conviction from a record; instead, it dismisses it.

It is important to understand that there are limitations to expungements. Although it can make someone’s life better, it does not take care of absolutely everything.

There are a variety of things that expungement cannot do, including:

  • Remove the charge completely from your record
  • Reinstate your right to possess firearms
  • Exclude the conviction from being counted as a prior conviction in the event of a future criminal charge
  • Prevent you from having to register as a sex offender

Qualifying for Expungement in California

In order for individuals to be eligible to have convictions expunged from their records, they must meet specific criteria.

In general, to qualify for expungement, you must:

  • Have successfully fulfilled the terms of your probation
  • Not be currently charged with a criminal offense, or be serving a sentence
  • Not have been incarcerated in a California State prison for a criminal offense
  • Not have committed certain criminal offenses which are ineligible for expungement

Protect your future with fawn gray

We understand that mistakes are made and that after completing your sentencing, the long term effects start to change your life. Attorney Gray cares about you and your future. From beginning to end, every detail of your case is carefully examined to ensure the best possible case result. Take the first step in enjoying your future by trusting a Roseville defense lawyer that has you in mind.

If you are facing criminal charges, schedule a legal consultation with a lawyer that will always put your future first.

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