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Being charged with assault and battery in California does not result in an automatic conviction. Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty. Our Roseville assault and battery lawyer at Fawne Gray Attorney at Law can examine the details of your case and help you build a solid defense strategy to represent your side of the story before a judge.

Our experienced criminal defense attorney understands that many defendants are falsely accused by individuals who are jealous, angry, or seeking revenge. You deserve a fair trial, and we can provide the strong legal representation that you need to make that happen.

Let us give your case the attention that it deserves. Call us today at (916) 345-1414 to get started on your defense strategy.

Defending Against Assault & Battery Charges

While usually used together, the terms "assault" and "battery" refer to two different types of offenses. In general, assault is a threat to inflict injury with the perceived ability to do so. In addition, assault can be defined as an intentional display of force that would cause an individual to fear or expect immediate bodily harm. Battery refers to applying force to another person that results in harmful or offensive contact.

Regardless of whether you conducted yourself in any of the above ways or have been falsely accused of doing so, there are several options for building an effective defense strategy.

Possible defenses against assault and battery charges include:

  • You did not have the ability to inflict force or violence
  • You acted in self-defense
  • You acted in defense of another person
  • You acted in defense of a home or personal property
  • You were wrongfully accused

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Our criminal defense lawyer at Fawne Gray Attorney at Law has represented numerous clients facing assault and battery charges. We have a proven track record of excellence in handling all types of assault and battery cases.

We are on your side. Call our Roseville assault and battery attorney today at (916) 345-1414 to schedule a free consultation.

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